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We believe renewable is doable.

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Next Meeting 
Join us for our next meeting Monday February 24, 2020 at 6:30 pm downstairs at the John M. Cuelenaere Public Library (125 12 St E Prince Albert, SK).

Our organization:

  • provides the people of Prince Albert and region with information about alternative sources of renewable energy and to promote energy conservation and efficiency.
  • encourages residents to become more knowledgeable about climate change, the effect of excessive use of fossil fuels and the need to explore more sustainable energy sources.
  • helps the public assess the health and safety risks, economic and environmental impacts of expanded nuclear development, including mining, power generation and waste management.
  • urges the local and provincial governments to provide clear and transparent information about nuclear and renewable energy options for this region and province.


Renewable Power – the Intelligent Choice (RPIC) was established on Mar. 31, 2009 by approximately 50 concerned citizens who met to oppose Bruce Power’s proposal for a nuclear power plant in Saskatchewan and to voice concern about the Province’s Uranium Development Partnership.

Over the next nine months, RPIC held 21 meetings and organized or took part in activities ranging from public rallies, forums, public talks and City Council presentations to letter-writing campaigns, mall displays, newspaper advertising and door-to-door pamphlet distribution. RPIC was incorporated as a non-profit organization in August 2009.

RPIC’s impressive efforts to oppose nuclear power and raise awareness of sustainable energy formed part of what Dan Perrins (in his conclusion to the province-wide public consultation process)described as “The overwhelming response … that nuclear power should not be a choice for Saskatchewan.” RPIC members also attended a public session by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to oppose the proposed storage of high-level radioactive waste in Saskatchewan.

After the Province decided to reject the nuclear power proposal, RPIC happily turned its focus to renewable energy. In January 2010, RPIC made presentations at the hearings on Saskatchewan’s energy needs, held by the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies, and published a pamphlet called Renewable Energy – Enormous Potential! as well as “Where can I buy …?” leaflets listing area businesses that sell renewable energy products.

RPIC continues its public awareness and advocacy efforts through a presence at trade shows, sponsoring guest speakers, and lobbying local and provincial governments to provide clear and transparent information about energy options that this region might explore.

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about your renewable energy options.


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