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History, Herstory, Your Story
List of Cemetery Records of the Prince Albert Genealogical Society (by R.M.number)

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History, Herstory, Your Story by N. Carswell

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My Dear Children: I often when a child heard my Father and Mother make casual allusion to their early life, their parents, their school associates and so forth, and I have wished many times that I had in possession a connected narrative of the events given and I determined years ago that I would afford you this gratification in connection with my own life.


The date of this autobiography was 1875 and can be seen in the April 2004 issue of Family Chronicle Magazine, "The Problem of Family Silence" on page 32. As I wish more of my ancestors were as thoughtful as Dr. Mood, I also see my obligation to my family to imitate him and record a "connected narrative".

Recording a connected narrative for me is fun because I enjoy writing, especially on a computer where I am can add, subtract and restructure to my heart's content. I also boast of a photographic memory-- I see a photograph and I remember. Creative Memories, a scrapbooking company, encourages one to do "photo-journalling" and I found it fascinating how noticing small things, like the spade card symbol on my mom's apron as she holds me in her arms, will bring back a clear image of bridge night at our house.

Prompts are another way of developing a connected narrative. If writing is a chore, rather than a pleasure for you, consider "snippets". These are memories in point form organized chronologically. Or, do a combination of writing and snippets. The important part is to record your memories. Keep your childhood, teen, adult and retirement years in mind as you reflect on these prompts: family, children, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, school, teachers, classmates, work, business, religion, pets, firsts, funny incidents, vocabulary, habits, health, accidents, mischief, entertainment, celebrations, houses, rooms, places, travel, bikes, vehicles, unusual events (fires, storms...), hobbies, interests, talents, pleasure, deaths, funerals, weddings, volunteering, politics, clubs, sports, parties, recreation, clothing, seasons.

If you are a diary keeper, I envy you. You can rely on your diaries to provide guidance and supply more prompts. This year I started a "Home Journal" and my father is excited about publishing his "Hunt Camp Journal" that was started by chance in 1987.

One of the many books of prompts is To Our Children's Children: Preserving Family Histories by Greene, Bob and Fulford, D.G., 1993, New York: Doubleday. It has "questions designed to elicit answers that will form the patchwork of a fascinating history."

Assure yourself that you can do a "bright times" version of your story if there are "dark times" that you are not willing to write about. No autobiography is ever truly complete and your descendents would appreciate a connected narrative of "any" time over a blank page of "no" time. If that blank page is too threatening begin with the traditional "I was born…" or borrow the classic "Once upon a time…" and then follow the prompts. Imagine your descendents cheering you and chanting "Write On!".

The following samples are from our May meeting and took only 20 minutes.

Sample One

When I was about to be born in a remote area at the time, my grandmother rushed to the Indian Agent's house to ask him to drive my mother to the nearest town of Melfort.

As they were traveling my mother began to experience rapid labour pains and my grandmother thought that I was going to be born in the car.
Upon realizing this, the Indian Agent told my mother saying, "Peggy, [my mother's nickname], if you have this baby in here and if it's a boy, we will name him 'Carr'".

Fortunately they made it to the hospital in time with a few minutes to spare.

Sample Two

I was born August 22, 1930 near Tisher's Mills near Hespeler in what is now the Cit of Cambridge, Ontario, somewhere in the farmhouse built by my grandfather. I say somewhere because the family has variant stories of the exact spot. My mother always told me that I was born in the winter kitchen and in the chamber pot because she had mistaken what was about to happen. My father had gone into Hespeler to get the doctor. He did not want to telephone this secret message lest some neighbours might have been listening on the party line. Unfortunately, my father and the doctor arrived too late so that my mother was quite alone for this her easiest delivery. My oldest sister had been instructed to get my two brothers busy milking the cows and my other two sisters had been sent to the home of my grandparents in Preston.

There is a variant story however. In that story related to me when I was about 40 years of age, my oldest sister said that I was actually born in the outhouse.

Sample Three

I was born on the family farm and the homestead of my Grandfather James Wiliamsen. This is located some 10 miles north of Birch Hills. My mother and dad purchased the homestead from my grandfather in 1939 shortly after they were married. The house was a story and a half log home which had been built by my grandfather. I was brought into the world with the assistance of my mother's aunt was mid-wife for many born in the area.

My early recollections of the farm was being with the dad in the blacksmith shop and going for a ride on his first tractor, a Model C Allis Chambers on steel wheels. It was a big step from the horses previously used for farming.

My grandchildren are incredulous when I describe travelling to and from school on a mule.

Sample Four

Allow me to introduce myself and relate in brief summary as follows.
1. Born November 24, 1924 at Sec. 24, Twp. 50, Rge. 5 W. 3rd, Saskatchewan (Canwood). This is according to my birth certificate which says I am Erik Donald Erikson. Later I acquired one more name on baptism in Sweden when I became known as Erik Allan Donald Erikson and hereafter called Allan.
2. My first language was Swedish which resulted in having a language problem even though I started school two years later than other children.
3. My parents Erik Anton and Sannah Erikson where born and raised in Sweden and immigrated to Canada. Dad in 1909 and mother in 1915 via U.S.A.
4. My dad homesteaded in the Canwood area and married in February 1916. They had two children prior to my arriving, however, they had predeceased me.
5. Starting school was different because of my language.

With new technology, gravestones are becoming a media for self expression which can tell us about our relatives in new ways.
The artwork initals on this engraving are the same as the deceased.

List of Cemetery Records of the Prince Albert Genealogical Society (by R.M.number):

December 2003
285-1617 MaCrorie Cemetery NE 29-27-8-W3 Sept. 1986
401-2566 Wakaw Community Cemetery NW 19-42-26-W2 Aug. 1999
401-2569 St. Mary’s Orthodox Cemetery NW 20-42-26-W2 Aug. 1999
401-2573 Wakaw United Church Cemetery SE 30-42-26-W2 Aug. 1999
427-2685 Tisdale Cemetery SE 11-45-15-W2 Apr. 1987
427-2686 Sylvania Cemetery SE 17-43-14-W2 1987
427-2687 Crooked River Lutheran Cemetery NW 1-45-13-W2 1987
428-2689 Valparaiso Cemetery NE 24-44-16-W2 1987
430-2704 Tarnopol – Jehovah’s Witness Cemetery SE 14-43-24-W2 Oct 2002
430-2705 Meskanaw Anglican Cemetery NE 12-44-22-W2 Mar 1998
430-2710 Mission St. Joseph – Crystal Springs SW 23-44-24-W2 Sept. 2002
430-2711 St. Peter’s/Peder’s Lutheran Cemetery NE 32-45-24-W2 May 2002
430-2712 Tarnopol – Roman Catholic Cemetery SW 14-43-24-W2 Oct 2002
430-2716 Yellow Creek Community Cemetery SE 15-43-23-W2 Oct 2002
430-2718 Kinistino Roman Catholic Cemetery NW 5-45A-22-W2 Oct 2002
430-2719 Crystal Springs Community Cemetery SE 26-44-24-W2 June 2002
430-xxxx Invergordon RM Private Burial Sites
431-2721 St. Louis Cemetery RL 7&8 –45-27-W2 Sept. 2002
431-2724 Bethanian Lutheran Cemetery SW 22-44-25-W2 Oct 2002
431-2725 Saron Lutheran Cemetery NW 20-45-25-W2 June 2002
431-2727 Ste. Jeanne d’Arc (New) Cemetery SE 20-44-26-W2 Oct 2002
431-2726 The First Cemetery - Domremy NE 28-44-26-W2 1977
431-???? St. Louis Anglican Cemetery NW 36-45-27-W2 Sept 2002
431-xxxx St. Louis RM Private Burial Sites
436-2779 Alticane Cemetery NW 23-45-11-W3 June 2002
436-2781 St. Mary’s Anglican Cemetery SW 34-44-11-W3 June 2002
436-2782 Whitkow Cemetery SW 28-45-13-W3 June 2002
457-2814 Silver Stream Cemetery - Leacross NW 22-47-14-W2 1986
457-2815 New Osgoode Cemetery NE 19-46-13-W2 Oct. 1985
457-2816 Fern Glen Cemetery - Runciman NW 22-46-15-W2 1986
Land Location Recorded
459-2838 Rose Hill Cemetery - Coxby NE 8-48-22-W2 Oct. 1981
459-2839 Weldon Lutheran Cemetery NE 8-47-22-W2 July 1981
459-2841 Kinistino Community Cemetery SW 29-45-21-W2 Mar. 1998
459-2842 Steep Creek – Deschambeault Cemetery, SW 36-48-22-W2 Oct. 1981
Private Cemetery…East Forks Sask. River
460-2850 Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery - Brancepeth SW 22-46-23-W2 Oct. 2001
460-2851 St. Saviour’s Anglican Cemetery NW8-46-24-W2 Oct. 2001
460-2852 Winton Cemetery NW 9-48-23-W2 Sept. 2001
460-2853 Lake Park Zion Cemetery SW 16-47-24-W2 Sept. 2001
460-2854 Birch Hills Public Cemetery NW 22-46-24-W2 Sept. 2001
460-2855 Centenary Methodist Cemetery SW 10-46-24-W2 Sept. 2001
460-2858 St. James Anglican Cemetery - Muskoday IR#99RL 61-47-24-W2 Oct. 2001
460-xxxx Birch Hills RM Private Burial Sites 2001
461-2859 Steep Creek United Church Cemetery SW 18-49-22-W2 Oct. 2000
461-2860 Davis Community Cemetery NW 18-47-25-W2 Oct. 2000
461-2861 Lindsay St. Paul’s Cemetery NW 4-47-27-W2 Apr. 2002
461-2862 Colleston United Church Cemetery SE 25- 48-25-W2 Oct. 2000
461-2863 MacDowall Uk. Greek Catholic Cemetery SE 19-46-27-W2 Aug. 2000
461-2864 Halcro-St. Andrew’s Anglican Cemetery RL 19-46-26-W2 1992
461-2865 Deer Park Cemetery SE 24-46-28-W2 Aug. 2000
461-2869 St. Catherine’s Cemetery RL 24-46-26-W2 Aug. 2000
461-2871 St. John’s/Royal Cemetery - Clouston SW 17-47-26-W2 Aug. 2000
461-2874 Prince Albert Federal Penitentiary Sept. 1996
461-2875 Old Catholic Cemetery – Prince Albert (behind Cdn. Tire) 2000
461-2876 Stanleyville Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery NE 34-47-24-W2 Oct. 2000
461-2877 Fir Ridge Birson Cemetery SE 36-48-24A-W2 Aug. 2000
461-3289 MacDowall Uk. Greek Orthodox Cemetery SE 19-46-27-W2 Aug. 2000
464-2889 Honeywood Cemetery NE 31-47-4-W3 May 1998
464-2895 Parkside Community Cemetery NW 21-48-4-W3 May 1998
464-2897 Village of Leask Cemetery SW 1-47-6-W3 May 1998
466-2917 St. John the Baptist Uk. Greek Catholic Cemetery NE 23-46-11-W3 June 2002
469-2950 All Saints Anglican Cemetery – Langemeade 6-47-19-W3 1990
488-3002 Cornerlake Cemetery NE 24-54-16-W2 1993
488-3005 Torch River Cemetery SW 3-54-15-W2 1993
490-3015 St. Peter’s Cemetery – Foxford (non-denom.) NW 25-51-22-W2 June 1998
490-3016 St. Nicholas Cemetery, Ukrainian Orthodox SE 22-50-23-W2 May 1998
490-3017 Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery – Zanok District SE 2-50-23-W2 May 1998
490-3018 Strong Pine Baptist Cemetery NE 6-50-22-W2 May 1998
490-3020 Zion Presbyterian Cemetery – Meath Park SE 30-51-23-W2 May 1998
490-3021 Holy Trinity Cemetery, Uk.Orthodox – Samburg NW 8-50-23-W2 May 1998
490-3022 Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery, RC SE 18-51-23-W2 May 1998
490-3023 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary SW 18-51-23-W2 Aug. 1998
Catholic Cemetery – Janow Corners
490-3025 St. James R.C. Cemetery - Albertville SW 18-51-24-W2 Aug. 1998
490-3029 Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery – David District SE 12-50-24-W2 May 1998
490-3030 Claytonville Polish RC Cemetery SW 36-49-24-W2 May 1998
491-3033 Henribourg Cemetery NW 15-51-25-W2 June 1992
491-3034 Spruce Home Cemetery SE 28-51-26-W2 1994
491-3035 Alingly Community Cemetery SW 15-51-27-W2 June 1992
491-3036 Spruce Home Lutheran Cemetery NE 32-50-26-W2 June 1992
491-3037 Spruce Home Hanna Cemetery NW 33-50-26-W2 June 1992
491-3038 Cloverdale United Church Cemetery SW 13-50-26-W2 June 1992
491-3039 St. George’s Cemetery – White Star SE 16-50-26-W2 June 1992
491-3040 Honey Moon Cemetery SE 23-50-25-W2 Nov. 1997
493-3043 St. Martin’s Anglican Church Cemetery – Briarlea SE 16-50-1-W3 May 1998
493-3044 Briarlea Cemetery SE 21-50-1-W3 May 1998
493-3046 Foxdale Cemetery SW 26-51-3-W3 Oct. 2001
493-3048 Sturgeon River Cemetery SE 16-52-3-W3 Oct. 2001
493-3049 Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery – NE 16-51-2-W3 May 1998
493-3051 Wild Rose North Cemetery SW 14-50-2-W3 May 1998
493-3052 Mayview Cemetery NE 33-52-2-W3 Oct. 2001
493-3053 Wild Rose West Cemetery SW 10-50-2-W3 May 1998
493-3054 Shellbrook Community Cemetery NW & SW 18-49-3-W3 May 1998
520-3152 Paddockwood Cemetery SE 26-52-25-W3 June 1998
521-3 St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery NW 33-52-26-W2 June 1992
521-3158 St. Christopher’s Cemetery NW 32-52-26-W2 May 1992
588-3186 St. Cyprien Cemetery 1909-1942 SW 24-59-17-W3 Nov. 1983

- Master List of Saskatchewan Cemeteries (April 30, 2002)
- List of Cemetery Records of the Prince Albert Genealogical Society (Dec. 2003)
- Book of Funeral Cards of Prince Albert & Area (1965-1989)
- Booklets: Faith United Church, Spruce Home, Sask., Nisbet Memorial United Church, Prince Albert, Sask.






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