timelessWeb Demo of the Features of a DLP Interactive Family History

On this web page are modified* images of the features found in a Digitell Legacy Interactive History.
* all reduced in quality and size for the web

Navigational Features


leaf Leaf navigation is available from "Words" for interactive direct descendants. Up leads to a parent, down leads to a child, left leads to an older sibling and right to a younger sibling.

tree After a customized introduction to the interactive family history, the family tree chart presents hyperlinks to interactive individuals and is always available.

find Type a search into the find feature. It will list the pages and then offer a link to go to your selected page. The find feature will remain available until closed.

Find Feature
find feature

Reunion If your family has recorded its genealogy in a genealogy program that exports a GEDCOM file, all your genealogy can be displayed in the Reunion® Player.

Reunion® Player Feature
Reunion player

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