timeless About Digitell Legacy Productions

Digitell Legacy Productions was my home business based in rural Saskatchewan. It was inspired by my family's collection of black and white photos. After a serendipitous discovery of a locally produced interactive CD, I began to envision a CD that would easily share words, photos and sounds with all my family. My vision expanded to include video and a genealogy player during my new media training. With my first demo CD, I felt I had achieved artist status as the vision in my head was visible on screen.

Slide background of my dad and me.

Credit goes to the multitude of supportive actions and words from family and friends and others, especially Wayne Udey, my new media instructor at SIAST, Heidi Ibendahl, the Prince Albert Branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, and my mom, who has laboured for me more than once.

web demo
flash demo
qt demo

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Digitell Legacy Productions, N. Carswell