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A.R.M. Outfitters’ Testimonials

Cedric quote …definitely does it right, he doesn’t put a hundred people in every stand.
- Cedric | 1999
Leo quote Well, it’s Tuesday morning, and we’re limited out.
- Leo | 1999
Rob quote I’m a happy guy… Great outfitter, great time, great deer.
- Rob | 2005
Tim quote I’ve got it all figured out for next year…. Good hunt.
- Tim | 2005
Gerry quote Saw about 35 all told.  Bunch of little bucks. Last minute of the last day, he came out of the woods and all I said was, “Shoot, shoot, shoot”….  Thanks to Alan and his crew, got the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in my life.
- Gerry | 2006
Peter quote This big boy comes sneaking through the pines.  When he stepped out, game was on, and it was all over….  Yesterday, saw two lesser bucks, decided to pass…. There is all kinds of game you can watch while you are waiting. 
- Peter | 2007
Rich quote Very excited, biggest buck I ever shot.  Thanks to Al and Cal, I appreciated everything you did.
- Rich | 2008