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A.R.M. Outfitters’ Seasons

White-tailed Deer Season, Black Bear Season, and Climate

Hunt White-tailed Deer

Saskatchewan Environment in 2004 changed to fixed date seasons. In years when the opening date falls on a Sunday, the actual opening date will be on the following Monday, and in years when the closing date falls on a Sunday, the actual closing date will be on the preceding Saturday.

Archery Hunting Season
Rifle Hunting Season
Muzzleloader Hunting Season
September 1 to October 31
September 27 to October 9
Nov 1 to Dec 4
September 1 to October 31



Hunt Black Bear

Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader Hunting Season
April 15 to June 30
August 25 to October 14
—excellent range of black bear color phases; blonde, cinnamon, brown and black




Curious about today's weather? Check out the Weather Network for Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan at

In this region of Saskatchewan, fall/winter weather ranges from 32°F to -40°F (0°C to -40°C). Spring weather ranges for 70°F to 50°F (20°C to 10°C). Northwest winds prevail.

In the fall/winter layers of clothing are essential for warmth; preferably wool or new age heat retaining fabrics and a layer next to the skin that wicks away moisture. A.R.M. Outfitters' blinds do have small propane heaters.

Outer garments for rifle hunters, by Saskatchewan law, must be white, orange, yellow or red, or a combination thereof. Head covering for hunters can be orange, yellow or red, but it cannot be white.

If you hunt with a bow or muzzleloader, you may wear camouflage in Saskatchewan during non-rifle seasons.



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