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Welcome to A.R.M. Outfitters

A.R.M. Outfitters offers hunts for bow, rifle, muzzleloader or camera, for White-tailed Deer and Black Bear in the center of resource rich Saskatchewan, Canada.

A.R.M. Outfitters is passionate about sharing Saskatchewan’s great outdoors. Alan Carswell, owner and operator, wants you to experience those extraordinary moments in the forest when you are reminded you are part of the natural world—not part of the unnatural, unremitting, unpleasant grind. Whether you choose to hunt and harvest or capture with camera, A.R.M. Outfitters is committed to maximizing your opportunity to take pleasure in Saskatchewan. 

Saskatchewan, Canada, is famous for its White-tailed Deer and Black Bear. A.R.M. Outfitters’ territory is huge and runs up the whole east side of Prince Albert National Park and beyond. Park wildlife, including White-tailed Deer and Black Bear, does not recognize the artificial park boundary. As they leave the protected no-hunting park zone, they become your fair game. 

“Your choice, your challenge.”