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Success for A.R.M. Outfitters is measured by our number of returning clients. If you enjoy a memorable hunt for White-tailed Deer or Black Bear, chances are you will return.

Owner Alan Carswell congratulates successful client.

Alan Carswell uses his expertise and energy to ensure an exciting hunt. He has over three decades of outdoor experience; hunting, camping, canoeing and trapping. His government license is EA006.

Strategically placed ground and raised blinds in baited areas are used to maximize your hunting opportunities.


A.R.M. does not guarantee success but over 95% of the hunters have had an opportunity to harvest. 1997 was a showcase year for its variety of color phases for Black Bear. 1999 was a spectacular year for white-tailed deer with a 100% success rate and the largest buck to date—Cedric’s gross score of 175 B&C. As A.R.M. prefers only 2 deer hunters per week each hunter starts in at least one fresh stand.


A.R.M. Outfitters offers a choice of two packages to hunters. Both packages offer many services but Hunting Package #1 includes meals. Licenses and GST are not included in either package.

Hunting Package #1

Hunting Package #2

White-tailed buck captured by tracker.

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